New Zealand Fallow Deer Hunting Trips

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All of our packages include round-trip airfare from Los Angeles by default, however, any of our packages can be customized for business/first class air, no air tickets, or tickets from other cities. For more information on getting to and around New Zealand, click here.

When comparing our hunting packages to those from other companies, check to see if theirs includes airfare. Because of our air contracts and the excellent relationships we have with our outfitters, often our package WITH airfare is about the same price as others' offerings WITHOUT air!

1 Trophy Fallow Buck, 1 Himalayan Bull Tahr, 1 Nanny Tahr  

Lilydale Wilderness Area

In visiting this property you will be amazed by the amount of game animals that you can see in one day. Expect to see over 200 fallow deer a day with some beautiful trophy bucks available.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Wilderness Quest offers combination hunts that include fallow deer  

Wilderness Quest New Zealand

Hunt from the beautiful Haupiri Valley of the South Island to the magnificent Southern Alpines and take home a terrific selection of trophies of different species at a great price.

Hunting Packages Offered:

2 fallow deer does, plus Red Stag, Himalayan Bull Tahr, Trophy Buck Chamois and a Wild Boar  

Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

In addition to 2 fallow deer does, you'll hunt free range Red Stag, Himalayan Bull Tahr, Trophy Buck Chamois and a Wild Boar.

Hunting Packages Offered:

Gold Medal Red Stag, Chamois, Fallow Buck, Bull Tahr, Arapawa Ram  

New Zealand Safaris

For those that want a high standard of accommodation, gourmet meals with an abundance of big game animals, then this hunt will be a great option for you.

Hunting Packages Offered: